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and maybe you gave him more love than his heart could hold

- della hicks-wilson

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just fyi if in tomorrow’s episode demon!dean calls cas “angel” my soul is going to ascend and i will no longer be of this earth so if that happens and u never see me again u know why it’s cuz it probs killed me


*rubs hands together* so how much caffeine am I going to dump into my garbage body today


i want that chill “best friend’s cool older sister” aesthetic

Castiel will finally interact with Dean’s demonic side in this week’s outing. “It’s a pretty strenuous meeting,” Ackles previews. “Dean is still not quite Dean, and Cas is having to, unfortunately, use some powers he would rather not have to use against Dean.”

Even though the angel is facing his own problems and is low on grace, “Castiel is hellbent on ridding Dean of his demon and willing to do anything, no holds barred, to make sure he’s no longer a demon,” Misha Collins says, adding that their face-to-face is “a little touchy.”

patrocius replied to your post: caswitch tagged me uwu Handwriting cha…

ur handwriting is so cute no (also ‘idk 10 people lmao’ amazing)

it’s like the one part of myself i’m proud of tbh (I DONT IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FRIENDS WITH ENOUGH AND I DONT LIKE JUST FORCING HTESE THINGS ON PPL I JUST BET U HAVE COOL HANDWRI TING i like seeing writer’s handwriting it’s always interesting)

caswitch tagged me uwu

Handwriting challenge!
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10. Nominate 10 blogs:

acihlles, sirstevegrogers, patrocius, kiercns, ghostcharles, saltruism, avenge-the-earth

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NOW I’M HUNGRY *ignores homework and microwaves lasagna*

the influence i have

[ignores homework and makes tortillas]


now i’m taking your love (deancas college au | ao3 | listen)

Dean knows Cas’ music taste is weird as fuck. He also knows the guy will be the first one to admit it. Too many conversations have started with “okay, Dean, I know this is strange but I need you to listen to this and tell me where you feel it” and ended with Dean sitting on the edge of the bed only connected to Cas by the cord of aging earbuds and Cas’ fingers pressing against Dean’s ribcage and murmuring softly about the differences between them.

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